Eleven UI students, alumni awarded Fulbright scholarship


Photo Courtesy of Gies College of Business

Rachel Jacoby, University alumna, is among the 11 students and alumni to receive the 2018 Fulbright Scholarship. The program funds scholars to teach English and do research around the world.

By Haoxiang Yun , Contributing writer

Eleven University students and alumni have been awarded the Fulbright scholarship. These students will visit different countries around the world to teach English and research in the following school year.

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program provides grants for the selected students and professors to teach English or conduct individual researches in different parts of the world.

“Fulbright Program was established after World War II in order to promote mutual understanding between people in different countries,” said David Schug, director of the National and International Scholarships Program. “It’s about a year-long process for students’ applications, campus interviews, interviews with the United States, interview with the countries and all those reviews for those students. It’s a rigorous process.”

Despite the competitive selection process, this is a great opportunity for every selected scholar to meet new challenges, develop skills in dealing with various problems and achieve personal growth.

Rachel Jacoby, University alumna and one of the Fulbright English teaching assistant awards recipient, is looking forward to this experience.

“I think the Fulbright program will challenge me and help me grow both personally and professionally. I am really looking forward to embracing this experience, stepping outside of my comfort zone and learning as much as I can during my Fulbright year,” Jacoby said in an email.

Schug said the difference between Fulbright and other scholarship programs is that Fulbright students have some ambassador obligations come along. Fulbright scholars take knowledge and American concepts to different parts of the world and they share the learnings of different cultures when they come back.

The students and alumni awarded the scholarship are Karie Brown-Tess, Hannah Dougherty, Rachel Jacoby, Nancy Karrels, Edgar Vazquez, Hilary Morris, Victoria Prince, Thomas Roadcap, Brian Robinson, Jessica Romero and Anna Waller.

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