Chancellor’s Scholars named to Campus Honors Program


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Statistics 100 students listen to newly hired instructor, Karle Laska, speak about the final few pages in the course manual on Dec 8, 2015. Statistics 100 is a popular course for incoming freshman transitioning into the academic pressures of the University.

By Therese Pokorney , Assistant Daytime News Editor

One hundred fifty-nine underclassmen at the University have been named Chancellor’s Scholars for their academic excellence and leadership potential and will participate in the Campus Honors Program in the fall.

Campus Honors academic advisor Elizabeth Rockman said the admissions team looks at incoming freshmen’s ACT and SAT scores, as well as their involvement in different student organizations.

“Freshmen can apply after their first semester or as an incoming student, which is a much harder way,” she said. “Incoming students should have leadership experience along with their outstanding academics. We just look for students engaged in different things.”

Rockman said the CHP admissions team tries not to chose students from the same high school, in order to keep the program diverse.

According to the Campus Honors Program website, the CHP is a four-year general studies program and admits about 125 incoming freshmen each year. Approximately 25 students join the program at the beginning of their sophomore year.

“Required CHP coursework is concentrated in the freshman and sophomore years when students take specialized versions of general education courses. In short, the CHP is directed at students who desire an undergraduate education that is broad and general as well as specialized,” the CHP website says.

The program creates relationships between students and faculty with small, intensive classes, including two series of non-credit co-curricular events: the Scholar Adventurers Series and Krannert Dress Rehearsals.

“The University provides so many opportunities through certificate and leadership programs,” Rockman said. “Students can do Honors programs to belong to a community and make the most out of their education here.”

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