Allen Hall’s Unit One Guests-in-Residence list released


Kenyon Edmond

Photograph of Allen Hall at the beginning of autumn.

By Therese Pokorney , Assistant Daytime News Editor

Allen Hall has announced its fall guests for their Guest-in-Residence program, which allows residents to live alongside anyone from artists to composers to scholars in its Unit One Living-Learning Community.

Resident students and the public are able to interact with guests through programs, performances, workshops and informal discussions.

Laura Haber, program and academic director for Unit One, said the guests are chosen by suggestions from students, faculty, staff, former guests and the local community.

“Residents from Allen Hall take a survey to see who they are most interested in bringing,” she said. “A committee of staff and students look at the survey and makes recommendations of who to invite.”

Haber said she looks for people who come from a variety of fields and who students might have little exposure to elsewhere. This fall, Unit One will welcome four guests to stay and speak at the residence hall.

Fall guests will include award winning sexuality educator Francisco Ramirez, activist Eriel Tchekwie Deranger, musician Moldover and comedian chef Robert Karimi.

Each guest will stay for five days and live in the residence hall with the students. In addition to talking about their work, guests can function as short-term mentors for the students, Haber said.

“We provide an intellectually engaging and creative environment for our students, bringing the large campus down to a smaller scale and helping to foster community, creativity, critical thinking and civic engagement,” she said. “

Ramirez, the first guest of the season, will begin his residency Sept. 9 and stay until Sept. 13. During his stay, he will share his expertise as a sexuality educator, tech founder, and TV and radio host.

Deranger, who will stay from Sept. 30 to Oct. 4, will share her experience in eco-justice activism. She will speak about her experiences from leading Canada’s only indigenous-led climate justice organization.

Moldover, who will stay from Oct. 7 to Oct. 11, will share his ideas about designing and building his own custom Musical Instrument Digital Interface controllers for his music.

Karimi, who will stay from Oct.28 – Nov.1, will share his understanding about combining humor and food for social issues. Karimi will connect with the audience through food and help them discover their own power towards personal balance.

On the first night of their residency, guests usually begin their stay by giving an introductory presentation and will hold nightly events following that.

“Our students are trying to figure out who they are and what to do with their lives,” Haber said. “In talking about their personal and professional struggles. Guests can show students various ways to create a life with meaning and purpose.”

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