Inequality inspires choir fall concert

By Jose Zepeda , Staff Writer

The Women’s Glee Club fall concert on Sunday, titled “Nevertheless, She Persisted,” will focus on women’s rights and gender equality, which was inspired by the issues the choir has experienced.

Elizabeth Zarley, junior in FAA and president of the Women’s Glee Club, said the organization feels pressured to work harder in order to get the same level of attention as its male counterparts.

“The Women’s Glee Club faces what society puts on us,” Zarley said.

These issues are what motivated Andrea Solya, Women’s Glee Club director, and the choir to create a concert based on women’s rights and equality.

“This semester specifically, we are more so talking about women’s rights, so it’s more specifically focused more toward that,” said Julia Welle, junior in FAA and member of the Women’s Glee Club. “We do have a lot of music that’s just talking about rising up and being able to be part of society a little bit, and it’s a lot about giving ourselves voices in society.”

Zarley and Solya agree the Women’s Glee Club is not as appreciated for its work as the men’s or mixed gender glee clubs.

“I would compare us to sports,” Solya said. “Men’s basketball seems to be more popular than women’s basketball, or men’s soccer seems to be more popular than women’s soccer.”

The title, “Nevertheless, She Persisted,” comes from a comment U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell made about Senator Elizabeth Warren, after he attempted to silence her objections to confirm Jeff Sessions as U.S. attorney general.

Solya also said the problems persist outside of the Women’s Glee Club. She said the mixed choirs are more popular than the Women’s Glee Club because men are a part of those choirs.

However, at the same time, Solya said, society’s treatment of women has been improving over time, and she sees the concert as a way of promoting this better treatment.

“Our concert will also showcase music with advice for all people,” said Rowan Ownby, junior in FAA and member of the Women’s Glee Club.

“The message it’s based off of is to rise up and be the best you can be,” she said.

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