University partners with Tel Aviv University

By Tiara Cosby, Staff Writer

The University is launching a new academic research collaboration with its first international organization to promote new research and innovative projects for students.

The partnership is with Tel Aviv University, a public research institution located in Tel Aviv, Israel.  The Israeli university is ranked as one of the top business and cultural centers in the country.

“Tel Aviv University is a partnership of the Discovery Partners Institute, meaning they participate in academic research programs of interest, such as entrepreneurship, cybersecurity, data sciences and health sciences,” said Benjamin Taylor, assistant director of communications for the University system.

The two institutions officially signed together in December and developed programs that will enhance research in affiliation with the Discovery Partners Institute, a collaborative research institute in Chicago that partners with different companies and universities to find real-life solutions for challenging situations.

“We anticipate that this partnership will address real-world challenges with the goal of creating breakthroughs that leads to the creation of new products and companies,” Taylor said.

The DPI promotes community and public engagement through the U of I system and all three campuses benefit from the partnerships with TAU, Taylor said.

“There haven’t been any specific projects started as part of the partnership yet,” Taylor said. “But the TAU faculty and students will have a wide range of opportunities to lead and participate in DPI-affiliated research.”

There is not a set date as to when the research programs will take place, but other institutions such as Northwestern University and the University of Chicago are also collaborating with TAU.

“These new developments will benefit society, while producing economic growth, providing students with real-world experience while growing Illinois’ workforce,” Taylor said.

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