KAM’s opening date delays due to weather


Brian Bauer

The new KAM’s location, which sits on the corner of First and Green treets, remains under construction on Monday. The original opening date was scheduled for New Year’s Eve, though the new date remains up in the air with construction still underway.

By Julie Kang, Assistant News Editor

Although KAM’s was supposed to open its doors at its new location on the corner of First and Green streets, students are still unaware of its exact opening date. 

In a previous article from The Daily Illini, KAM’s was hoping to open by New Year’s Eve. When this didn’t happen, it was expected to open during happy hour on Jan. 16, according to some KAM’s employees. 

However, the bar did not open then, either. Employees have not received any further information on the delays except that they were said to be due to weather conditions.

Students are still awaiting the day it opens as they enter into the new semester. 

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