VeoRide e-bikes disappear from campus for winter


Matthew Mo

A VeoRide is left tipped over in a residential parking lot on Sixth and Clark streets on Oct. 24, 2018. The e-bikes will most likely relaunch after spring break.

By Julie Kang, Assistant News Editor

As students returned from winter break, some noticed many VeoRide bikes, usually seen scattered all around campus, were gone. 

According to Ben Thomas, regional general manager for the Midwest, the electric bikes are winterized, meaning the team does performance checks and maintenance before they are relaunched in the spring. This is also done to protect the bikes from the cold.

Thomas said about 50 pedal bikes are still around campus and available for use. The e-bikes will most likely relaunch after spring break. 

“The bikes are fine, but (we’re) just protecting the electrical components: the controller as well as the pedal sensors that we have in those,” Thomas said. “We didn’t want those to get damaged from being out in the unforgiving Midwest cold.” 

In terms of scooters, Thomas said the campus does not want to allow them at this point. However, he said he hopes the VeoRide team can bring those and the newly launched sit-down scooters to the University if possible.

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