Maize Mexican Grill announces free meals for kids


Vishesh Anand

Marileny Rodriguez prepares red sauces for the lunch rush at Maize Mexican Grill, 60 E. Green St., on Feb. 9.

By Heather Robinson, Assistant Daytime News Editor

Maize Mexican Grill announced Saturday in a Facebook post that they will be providing free lunch meals to all kids due to the closing of local schools. 

Maize at the Station will be serving free meals from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

In the social media post, the Grill said that kids who ask for the “Kids Special” will receive the free meal, which consists of a choice of Maize’s torta or quesadilla. In addition, they will receive beans, rice and juice. 

Adam Lopez, operational director of Maize Mexican Grill, said the overwhelmingly positive response has surprised him. 

“We really didn’t think it would reach that many people. It’s been really positive to see,” Lopez said. “It’s really our opportunity and gratitude that we’ve been in this position because of the community. We really view it as a time to give back when people need it. We’ve made it a point to as best as possible maintain a level of normalcy, continuity and stability while everything is changing and to still be a place where you can come in and enjoy some food outside of everything that’s happening.”

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