University announces further COVID-19 testing guidelines


Kevin Gao

The main quad remains relatively barren at 1:48 p.m. on April 3 as many students have left campus due to the coronavirus.

By Aliza Majid, Staff Writer

A Massmail was sent out earlier today discussing COVID-19 testing procedures campus members will have to abide by once they return to campus.

All students, staff, and faculty that remain on campus for the semester will be required to get tested twice a week. The testing facilities will be available all across campus for free. 

Faculty and staff that return to campus began testing on Monday, and students mandatory testing will occur starting Sunday. 

The “SHIELD: Target, Test, Tell” team has stated that all campus members are required to complete testing and have negative results before entering any University facilities. 

Testing sites are currently open and those who have an I-card available should access the testing sites as soon as possible in order to get results back quickly. 

Before testing individuals should refrain from eating, drinking, brushing teeth, mouth washing, chewing gum and tobacco products 30 minutes before their test. A list of testing site locations is available here.

An email invitation will be sent within the next few days to individuals on campus with a survey that will ask for their schedule and the best two days that would work for weekly testing.

A separate email will be sent to individuals with an official testing schedule before the semester begins.

If an individual misses a scheduled test, then access to University facilities will be rescinded until the testing is completed.

Individuals living on campus or in the area are still required to complete testing procedures and will not receive access to University facilities until they do so.

Any further questions or concerns in regards to testing should be addressed to the COVID Wellness Answer Center at [email protected]

Survey invitations are projected to arrive by next week and individuals should complete paperwork before the semester begins in order to guarantee access to University facilities.

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