University to monitor entrances of academic buildings with trained employees


Screenshot courtesy of Safer Illinois app

An “Access Granted” building entry status from the Safer Illinois app. Wellness Support Associates at every academic building must be shown this message on the app or on the COVID-19 boarding pass before granting entry to any student, faculty or staff.

By Ethan Simmons, News Editor

The University plans to use trained employees to monitor the entrances of buildings where in-person classes are held, Chancellor Jones said in a Massmail on Tuesday.

The employees, called Wellness Support Associates, will be inside one or two entrances of each facility hosting classes. All entrances that aren’t manned by a WSA will be locked.

All possible entrants, including students, faculty and staff, must show an “Access Granted” building entry status to a WSA through the Safer Illinois app or an online COVID Boarding Pass before they’re allowed to walk inside.

Everyone on campus begins with an “Access Denied” status. An on-campus individual is given “Access Granted” on the app or boarding pass if he or she tests negative for the virus.

The in-person checks begin on the first day of classes, Aug. 24.

“Beginning on Monday, individuals should wait their turn to display their Access Granted status to the WSA in a line. Everyone should plan to arrive early, wear a face covering and practice social distancing (at least six feet away from the person in front of and behind you) in order to ensure a smooth process,” Chancellor Jones said in the Massmail.

The University is requiring twice a week testing for all students, faculty and staff on campus. All on-campus individuals will receive a monthly survey from the University’s SHIELD COVID response team to figure out their best two days to get tested.

As of Aug. 18, there are 17 on-campus testing locations open for use.

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