University continues transition from Compass 2g to Canvas


Photo Courtesy of University of Illinois Canvas Transition

The University of Illinois shares a timeline of the transition from Compass2g to Canvas. The University of Illinois will retire Compass2g on June 1 in order to have Canvas be the main content supplier for classes.

By Sophie Casaburi, Staff Writer

This summer, the University continued with migrating classes from Compass 2g to Canvas. 

Canvas training was provided for faculty through optional weekly online sessions, office hours and self-paced training videos to start the first migration of Compass 2g courses.

“There were two courses that were created for faculty training courses, and so I took those on Canvas,” said Konstantinos Kourtikakis, teaching associate professor in LAS. “They both gave us some training about how the platform works, and that’s all I did. But a lot was me experimenting on Canvas and figuring out how things work.”

All courses from fall 2019 to spring 2021 were copied from Compass 2g to Canvas. However, it was up to the teaching faculty’s discretion to use Canvas for the fall semester.

This semester, Kourtikakis is teaching three courses: two on Compass 2g and one on Canvas.

“I chose to have Politics of the EU on Canvas because it’s a smaller course, and I feel more comfortable working on the course,” Kourtikakis said. “My plan is to move fully to Canvas next semester.”

This semester, 44% of courses are on Canvas, and 59% of Compass courses have been transferred and are in use on Canvas for fall 2021.

“We are ahead of schedule,” said Michel Bellini, director of the Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning. “Based on the number of enrollment and courses that are currently on Canvas, I’m very positive and optimistic about the fact that it’s going to work just fine over the next several semesters.”

For the upcoming spring semester, additional courses will take place on Canvas.

“We can’t predict or know how many (faculty) will switch (to Canvas) because they can change their mind in January, but I think if we can get above 65% or more for spring, that would be great,” said Drew MacGregor, director of enterprise application and development for Technology Services.

According to MacGregor, the University hopes to bring additional resources and learning tools to Canvas, including mental health support, financial aid and tutoring, particularly for 100-level courses.

“Hopefully this year, we’ve got some (resources) in there, and at least by next fall,” MacGregor said. “We think some of these new tools and new features will really help core staff communicate with the students, and the students to be more successful.”

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