Students take study break, gather to watch World Cup


Jacob Slabosz

UI students packed into the Courtyard Cafe at the Illini Union by the hundreds to watch the World Cup match between Argentina and the Netherlands on Friday. Students cheered as Lautari Martínez kicked the winning penalty shot, securing Argentina’s victory over the Netherlands.

By Lika Lezhava, Assistant News Editor

On Friday at 1 p.m. the Illini Union streamed the Argentina vs. Netherlands World Cup quarter finals game on the big screen in the courtyard. 

Students gathered for the full 120 minutes, plus penalty kicks, of the game wearing jerseys, waving flags and holding their breath for the entirety of the second half and overtime. 

“It’s nice that the union and other places are streaming, it pulls together everyone, all sorts of students from all over campus,” said Bilkisu Tariq, a sophomore in Education.

Even with finals very much underway, students have taken a much deserved break to come together and watch the World Cup. 

The stress of finals week affects everyone in different ways and taking some time away from studying is always important. 

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    “I really feel that this is so helpful right now, even if we have finals, it’s a new joy and I love that,” said Felipe Cortez, student in Engineering and viewer who was wearing a bright blue Argentina jersey. 

    As the game went on, the students got more and more excited, and the usual stressful environment of finals was long forgotten. 

    “It’s obviously very exciting and my mind is very much off of school right now and I feel like it’s just a good time,” commented Andrew Shusterman, a junior in Engineering.

    After the final penalty shot was made by Lautari Martinez, and with the score of 2(3)-2(4), the gathered group of students roared in excitement for the Argentinian team’s win. 

    Smiles filled the union, and according to Tariq, a very passionate Argentina fan, “Messi’s the GOAT.”


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