Graduate Employees’ Organization marches for women’s labor rights


Candice Zhou

GEO members march around the quad on Wednesday protesting for women’s rights.

By Lisa Chasanov, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, International Women’s Day, the Graduate Employees’ Organization held a march in support of women’s labor rights at the University as well as around the world. 

GEO organizers placed a banner reading “International Working Women’s Day” into Alma Mater’s hands as part of their International Working Women’s Day Week initiative.

The final event of the initiative will be a Mothers and Parents for Childcare march on Thursday morning.

On Thursday, organizers will march from the Swanlund Administration Building to the Illini Union, where the GEO will participate in its 25th contract bargaining session with the University.

Thursday’s march is being held in support of the GEO’s demand for child care stipends as part of their contract proposal.

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    According to the University’s website, the previous bargaining session between the GEO and the University resulted in the acceptance of all “noneconomic” demands described in the GEO’s most recent comprehensive proposal.

    The University has pledged to present an economic package to the GEO during Thursday’s negotiations.


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