Study abroad student recovers after stabbing

By Daily Illini Staff Report

Matthew Bochenek, the University student stabbed in Rome, is recovering and plans to finish off the semester in Madrid, Spain, where he is studying abroad, according to an e-mail Bochenek sent to The Daily Illini.

“I am back in Madrid where I have decided to finish the semester because I do not want to let my assailants cause me any more pain or grief,” Bochenek wrote.

Bochenek, a junior in engineering, was hospitalized at Fatebenefratelli Hospital after being stabbed a few weeks ago.

“There is no word about the attackers,” Bochenek wrote. “There was some video evidence from cameras that were situated around the piazza, but it was dark and the group of young Italians was too hard to identify. So most likely, the attackers will remain unidentified and suffer no repercussions.”

Bochenek wrote that he was very pleased with the University’s response to the incident.

“The University has been very helpful,” he wrote. “They have been working with my university in Madrid to make sure that insurance forms are filled out and I am receiving the doctor’s appointments I require.”