University of Illinois Housing to install shower doors in bathrooms

Beginning Thursday, University Housing will install shower doors in hall bathrooms.

The work will begin Thursday on the fourth floor of Forbes Hall, 101 E. Gregory Drive, in Champaign at 8 a.m. Installation in the Forbes’ bathroom will be complete that same day around 4 p.m., according to an e-mail from University Housing.

In November, a young woman was assaulted in the fourth floor bathroom of Forbes Hall while taking a shower. Shortly after, University Housing initiated a series of added security measures, including installing locks on all residence hall bathroom doors and hiring a third-party security firm to patrol the buildings at night.

“It’s a combination of factors,” said Kirsten Ruby, assistant director of housing for marketing, on the University’s motivation. “One factor is our resident’s desire for as much privacy as possible. And this is one way to respond to that.”

University Housing noted in the e-mail that this installation is “important work.”

“The plan is for all the halls. Some present challenges on size or whether the doors swing in or out,” Ruby said on the progression of this change.

Fourth floor residents of Forbes Hall are encouraged to use the impacted bathroom before 8 a.m. on Thursday, or use the other open rest room on the floor.

“There are two men’s and two women’s bathrooms on each floor, which is why we can close one while working on it,” Ruby said. “So we will be doing one bathroom a day until we can get two crews to do it and then we will be doing one men’s and one women’s each day.”

The doors will be similar to the doors on the bathroom stalls and will include a latch.