Alpha Tau Omega members under investigation

By Daily Illini Staff Report

Members of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity are undergoing investigation after 30 to 50 members caused destruction around Champaign last Tuesday evening.

Members of the fraternity broke windows at Bromley Hall, 910 S. 3rd St., caused a disturbance at KAM’S, 618 E. Daniel St., and jumped on several cars in Champaign, said Lieutenant Jim Clark, Champaign Police South District Commander.

“Basically the members of what we believe was the ATO fraternity went on a little rampage around campus,” Clark said.

Some members were caught on the scene, but others ran from the police, returning to the fraternity house. Three or four were arrested there for underage drinking and for resisting arrest.

The investigation is now in the hands of the University Police Department and disciplinary charges will be handled through the University as well. Clark noted that, contradictory to rumors he has heard circulating, the fraternity house was not searched and there was not a drug-bust that occurred involving ATO members.

“The City of Champaign and the University do not condone any of this activity,” Clark said. “We will do everything in our power to make sure that this does not occur again and put other citizens in danger.”

After hearing about the incident, the Alpha Tau Omega National fraternity has suspended the chapter due to an ongoing investigation, Alpha Tau Omega Director of Chapter Services David Busshart said.

Brusshart said that this is a normal step to take when not all the information about the incident and the fraternity will be working with local authorities to find out exactly what happened.

“We want to work as closely as we can with the University and the police to find out exactly what happened and who was involved so we can take measures afterwards,” Busshart said.