Two men in costumes banned from University property

By Daily Illini Staff Report

Two brothers, ages 31 and 26, were banned from campus last night after wearing costumes and scaring individuals around campus at around 9 p.m. Wednesday.  

“From the time that we were notified about the issue, we were able to remove the subjects from campus in less than 10 minutes,” said Skip Frost, deputy chief of the University Police Department.

Frost said the two subjects were wearing costume, holding fake knifes and following people that walked on the Quad as a Halloween prank. He said one was wearing a Michael Myers costume and the other was dressed up as Freddy Krueger.  

Frost said the subjects’ actions were in incredibly bad taste and the UIPD take instances like this very seriously, especially when people are already on edge with the recent crimes happening on campus. 

“The subjects are not affiliated with the campus whatsoever,” Frost said.

According to Frost, the individuals were stopped by police, identified, issued ban notices, and banned from University property.