Bike, bus collide near Huff Hall

By Miranda Holloway

A bicyclist and a Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit bus collided near the intersection of Fourth Street and Gregory Drive on Wednesday.

Around 4 p.m., two bicyclists were traveling northbound alongside a 22 South Illini bus, which was also traveling northbound. The bicycles were in the bike lane and the bus was in the driving lane, according to University Police Sgt. Laura Tison.

The bicyclists then turned left in front of the bus without signaling, and one was hit. The bicyclist who was hit was examined by medical personnel at the scene and declined an ambulance, Tison said. She could not confirm if the bicyclist was a student.

The bus sustained minor windshield damage, Tison said.

MTD Managing Director Karl Gnadt confirmed that the incident occurred and that MTD officials were sent to the scene to investigate.

In stormy winter weather, Tison said she encourages people to use extra caution while traveling.