Scott Hall fire still under investigation

By Daily Illini Staff Report

Deputy Fire Marshal Randy Smithss estimated a fire in the trash can room of the residence hall caused nearly $1,700 in damage. Anthony Parafinczuk,ss freshman resident, said his dorm room is next door to the room where the fire broke out.

“We smelled smoke, so we left right away,” Parafinczuk said. “Once we got outside, we were hearing people say that it looked like our room was on fire because it was so smokey by our door.”

Parafinczuk said the overhead sprinklers left the room filled with water, ruining his class notes but sparing his laptop.

He said after about two hours of waiting, the students were let back into the building. When they returned, Parafinczuk and his roommate were asked questions and told the incident was being treated as a crime scene investigation.

Smith said little damage was done to the building itself.

“Right now our investigation is ongoing. We’re following up on any interviews we can and making sure we’re talking to anyone who is involved at all.” Smith said.

He added the department’s current priority is “simply putting a time frame on the fire.”

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