Facilities and Services issues warning, reminder in midst of winter storm

By Dixita Limbachia

Facilities and Services issued an email on February 23 encompassing the winter storm conditions and warning students for Wednesday morning. F&S reassured snow removal procedures for students, faculty and alternative staff members.

Students were asked to prepare for the weather while F&S made sure that streets, sidewalks, building entrances and parking lots were accessible.

According to the Facilities and Services website, the first priority is parking lots and then sidewalks/pathways.

Steve Breitweiser, Manager of Communications and External Relations for Facilities and Services, utilizes social media platforms to communicate to students.

“These [snow removal procedures] are being applied and performed each and every time we have a winter event. Through the massmail, our website and follow-up communications we try to engage so people are aware of challenging weather” Breitweiser said.

With more than 125 members in snow removal activities, individuals proceed to remove snow or ice through severe weather.

“There’s a lot of hard work involved and a great dedication and commitment from everyone in the snow and ice removal process on campus to keep it open and accessible” Breitweiser said.

According to Breitweiser, this is a collaborative effort along with the city of Urbana and Champaign in terms of snow removal.

As of 12:15 p.m. Thursday, February 25, the sidewalk snow and ice removal requirement in Downtown and Campustown areas is in effect.

Breitweiser wants to emphasize to students the use of the F&S website to contact the office of any kind persistent snow or ice.

Anyone with questions or concerns about snow and ice removal should contact the F&S Service Office at 217-333-0340.

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