Students reflect on T.I.S. no longer selling books, long Illini Union bookstore lines


Lily Katz

Students attempt to enter the Illini Union Bookstore but are prevented from doing so due to full capacity on Monday.

By Annabeth Carlson, Managing Editor for Online

On Tuesday afternoon, lines of annoyed, rushed students grew larger and larger outside the Illini Union Bookstore, as they waited to be allowed inside. The bookstore staff had to slowly siphon small groups of students into the store because of fire codes.

But what some students may not realize, especially freshman on campus for the first time, is that these lines may be due to the recent announcement that T.I.S. Bookstore is no longer carrying textbooks, making the Illini Union Bookstore the only location for books on campus. Students inside the store shared their thoughts about the crowds and no books at T.I.S.

Alex Santay

Master’s student in Engineering

Alex Santay DI

“I am most displeased that T.I.S. is closed because I loved that place it was great. I loved it because while the lines tended to be long, they moved quickly. I get the sense that it’s not going to be the same here and I’ll be here for hours.”

Nora Gurrero

Sophomore in FAA

Nora DI

“I was kind of thinking, ‘Which do I choose?’ (referring to the lines in the bookstore basement) because they are both long anyways and I guess I’m going to be here for a while so listening to music. I’ve never really had to stay in a line that long … so it’s definitely a new experience.”

Michael Osadjen

Sophomore in ACES

DI MOS person

“It could be a monopoly, but it could make things easier because you only have to go to one place.”

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