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University releases first day enrollment numbers

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University releases first day enrollment numbers

By Daily Illini Staff Report

As the first week of classes comes to a close, the University released preliminary enrollment numbers for the campus.

The freshman class had near record-breaking enrollment, despite initial administration worries over how the state budget impasse would impact University attendance. The total enrollment is expected to drop by the tenth day of classes when the official numbers for the semester are released. 

There were 7,600 freshmen enrolled on the first day of classes and a total of 33,243 undergraduates. Last year, there were 7,574 freshmen enrolled on the first day with a total undergraduate population of 32,640. By the tenth day of classes in fall 2015, 352 freshmen had dropped, leaving 7,222 still enrolled. 

The highest percentage of students were born in 1996. Twenty-three students were born between 1944 to 1973 and four students were born in the year 2000.

Among all of the different colleges, the smallest entering freshmen class is in the School of Social Work with 60 newcomers. The largest is in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, with 2,313 incoming freshmen.

The University enrolled 10,324 total international students, including both undergraduates and graduates. The country outside of the U.S. with the largest representation was China with 5,546 students. India had the second most represented with 1,253 students and South Korea had the third largest with 1,088.
There are students from 111 different countries enrolled at the University.

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