What you may not know about Election Day

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What you may not know about Election Day

Michelle Tam

Michelle Tam

Michelle Tam

Michelle Tam

The presidential candidates

Donald Trump is the Republican Party’s candidate and is running alongside Indiana Governor Mike Pence. Trump’s platform consistently focuses on Immigration and Healthcare reform.

Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Party’s candidate and is running alongside Virginia senator Tim Kaine. Clinton’s platform focuses on a wide range of issues, including debt-free college and racial justice.

Gary Johnson is the Libertarian Party’s candidate and is running with former Massachusetts Governor William Weld. Johnson consistently campaigns on his desire to eradicate wasteful government spending as well as end the War on Drugs.

Jill Stein is the Green Party’s candidate and is running with Ajamu Baraka, a notable human rights activist. Stein’s platform emphasizes implementing legislation to protect the Environment, and to end poverty.

Where to vote


  • Cohen Hillel Center; 503 E. John St.
  • University YMCA; 1001 S. Wright St.
  • Ikenberry Dining Center; 301 E. Gregory Dr.
  • Skelton Place Community Room; 302 S. 2nd St.
  • Activities and Recreation Center; 201 E. Peabody Dr.
  • Savoy Recreation Center; 402 W. Graham Dr.
  • First Baptist Church at Savoy; 1602 S. Prospect Ave.
  • Douglass Center Annex; 804 N. Fifth St.
  • Illinois Employment and Training Center; 1307 N. Mattis Ave.
  • Holy Cross Parish Center; 405 W. Clark St.
  • E.H. Mellon Administrative Center; 703 S. New St.
  • Faith United Methodist Church; 1719 S. Prospect Ave.
  • Good Shepherd Lutheran Church; 2101 S. Prospect Ave.
  • Garden Hills Baptist Church; 1601 W. Bloomington Rd.
  • Salvation Army; 502 N. Prospect Ave.
  • Grace Lutheran Church; 313 S. Prospect Ave.
  • St. Peter’s United Church of Christ; 905 S. Russell St.
  • Hessel Park Christian Reformed Church; 700 W. Kirby Ave.


  • Illini Union (Federal Room); 1401 W. Green St.
  • Illinois Street Residence Halls; 1010 W. Illinois St.
  • Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Lounge; 1005 S. Lincoln Ave.
  • Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Hall; 1002 College Court
  • Vineyard Church; 1500 N. Lincoln Ave.
  • First Presbyterian Church; 602 W. Green St.
  • Twin City Bible Church; 810 W. Michigan Ave.
  • The Urbana Free Library; 210 W. Green St.
  • Urbana Civic Center; 108 E. Water St.

For a full list of polling places in Champaign County click here.  

Champaign County election history


  • Barack Obama (Dem): 51.94%
  • Mitt Romney (Rep): 44.92%


  • Barack Obama (Dem): 57.57%
  • John McCain (Rep): 40.13%


  • John Kerry (Dem): 50%
  • George W. Bush (Rep): 49%


  • Al Gore (Dem): 48%
  • George W. Bush (Rep): 47%


  • Bill Clinton (Dem): 49%
  • Bob Dole (Rep): 43%


  • Bill Clinton (Dem): 46%
  • George Bush (Rep): 36%


  • Michael Dukakis (Dem): 46.82%
  • George Bush (Rep): 52.36%


  • Walter Mondale (Dem): 40.76%
  • Ronald Reagan (Rep): 58.64%


  • Jimmy Carter (Dem): 32.16%
  • Ronald Reagan (Rep): 50.49%


  • Jimmy Carter (Dem): 42.55%
  • Gerald Ford (Rep): 54.74%


  • George McGovern (Dem): 42.23%
  • Richard Nixon (Rep): 57.52%


  • Hubert Humphrey (Dem): 37.99%
  • Richard Nixon (Rep): 53.67%

Grace period registration and voting

Citizens can register to vote in-person until 7 p.m. on Election Day. According to the Champaign County Clerk’s website, this is the grace period, which starts 27 days before the election.

During this grace period, an individual may register to vote or submit a change of address in-person and vote directly thereafter, at any Early Voting location or at their Election Day polling place.

In-person voter registration form

Two forms of identification are required showing the name, one must show permanent residence, such as an Illinois driver’s license, hunting or fishing license, library card, student identification, copy of a lease or rent receipt showing proof of address, or any piece of mail delivered to at one’s residence.

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