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The University retires ‘Fighting Illini War Chant’

Members of the Marching Illini cheer during the game against North Carolina at Memorial Stadium on Saturday, September 10, 2016.

Members of the Marching Illini cheer during the game against North Carolina at Memorial Stadium on Saturday, September 10, 2016.

Austin Yattoni

Austin Yattoni

Members of the Marching Illini cheer during the game against North Carolina at Memorial Stadium on Saturday, September 10, 2016.

The University administration has retired the “Fighting Illini War Chant” song from being played at all University functions, said Associate Director of Athletics and Media Relations Kent Brown.

The song was often played by the Marching Illini before the Illini defended third down of the football games, and as the basketball team took the court for pregame warmups. Brown said the decision was part of the University’s efforts to be more inclusive and improve the atmosphere of Illinois football games. The University felt that the atmosphere was much better when it used the video board and music rather than when the war chant was played.

No formal announcement has been issued by the Chancellor’s office, but the Senate Executive Committee is meeting on Monday and a statement will likely be made. Brown said that it was made in conjunction with the University administration, the Athletic Department and the Marching Illini.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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  • pgrove

    This is just PC crap

  • lee

    well i know a team i will never watch again.

  • p3dot14

    Ever since the Chief left, U of I has had no mojo. This is a mojo-less decision.

  • John Luetkemeyer

    Typical ivory tower hypocrisy from administration. I recommend all alumni, like myself, withhold any donation in the future and let the bankrupt state of Illinois fund this athletically failing university. The academics may be there but the administration cannot catch a pass if the ball was handed to them…they dropped this one! Living in Florida, I wonder why FSU is allowed to do what Illinois does not have the courage to do. I am an embarrassed alumnus. Don’t tell me to cheer for another team….I already do!

    • John

      John Luetkemeyer – My exact sentiments as well. The school will not see donations coming from me. The overly PC crowd running this school is barking up the wrong tree, and letting the tail wag the dog. They’re a bunch of grownup snowflakes apparently. They do not respect the loyalty of the many generations of past alumni. They want to distance us from the school, so be it. I’m not the one calling them up weekly for some money. They continue to call me up weekly for money. I hope they are getting support from some Indian Casinos.

  • B S

    As an Illini fan and alumni, the mojo left when the U of I caved to PC pressure and the chief left. It’s embarrassing how weak political correctness makes establishments look!

  • David James Sheets

    I think any alum with stoned should do the war chant anyhow. And bring back your chief.

  • Kathy Elmore

    I suggest that we alumni protest….we can sing the war chant during games, we can march down Green Street like we did in the late 60’s, and we can NOT donate. Come on alumni, we can do this!!!!

  • illini_alum

    Now the name “Fighting Illini” must go. It is offensive. Stanford and Syracuse have changed their names to colors, cardinal and orange respectively. We should change our team name to beige. The University of Illinois Beige would not be offensive to anyone. Next we need to work on the Legislature to change the name of the state.

    • Chris Raehl

      Beige is too brown, that’s offensive.

      Syracuse needs to change their name again as it’s offensive to Trump’s.

  • frankjohnson221

    As with most of the comments below they have lost my family. Not only athletics but the university as a whole has gone down hill. We used to be one of the top academic universities in the country but a series of bad hires both of faculty members and administrators have made us the laughing stock of the Big Ten. I currently live in WI and I am embarrassed to mention that I am a Univ of Illinois alumni. I, my wife, my brother, and my son along with a number of cousins are alumni and we will not contribute $1. to the university. There is no school spirit left with the PC decision to abandon the Chief and the War Chant, a short sighted ignorant decision!