Weekly Illini: November 6, 2017


By Aaron Navarro, Audio Editor

The Weekly Illini is your news podcast to keep up with the University of Illinois’ biggest stories.

This episode takes a look at the job of Duane Northrup, the Champaign County Coroner. From autopsies to notifying a family about a death, Northrup talks about his career and how it has affected him. We also look at how a decreased budget affects Champaign Police’s bar checks and how those are conducted. And then lastly, we look at a new literature class focused around the Harry Potter series.

Thanks to Karen Liu, Yasmeen Ragab and Sarah O’Beirne for their work this week.

Stories Covered

Investigating the dead: An inside look at Champaign County’s coroner” by Karen Liu

Police budget reduced, bar raids decline” by Yasmeen Ragab

Literature course brings Harry Potter to classroom again” by Sarah O’Beirne


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