Former FAA associate dean wins gold medal award in architecture


By The Daily Illini Staff Report

Gaines Hall, former Associate Dean of the College of Fine and Applied Arts, was awarded the Gold Medal Honor Award by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Illinois Council on Nov. 3.

Hall was chosen for this award for his longtime service and achievement in architecture. The Gold Medal Honor is the highest honor one can receive from AIA Illinois. The award honors individuals who have had a lasting impact on the theory and practice of architecture.

“It is a recognition that I never considered my actions to have warranted,” Hall wrote in an email.

Hall has been a member of the AIA since 1968 and has served in various leadership roles, including national vice president. Hall said his 49 years of active service in the AIA at every level is a possible contributing factor in receiving the award.

In 2008, Hall came to the architecture department at the University and became the associate dean of FAA three years later. He worked at the University for nine years before retiring in summer 2017.

I have learned so much, made friends with so many at the University, and hopefully, contributed to a better future for the University and the students with whom I had contact,” Hall wrote.

Hall graduated from Auburn University in 1961 and has worked as an architect in firms in Alabama, St. Louis and Chicago.  

Hall wrote that the award is a unique recognition and an exceptional honor for one who has never considered himself to possess unique qualities.

“To have this honor bestowed after spending 20 years of my career in other locations gives me a feeling of special significance,” Hall wrote. “That the members of the architectural community in Illinois have determined I am worthy of such an award when there are so many deserving architects in Illinois who have contributed their entire working careers and service to the profession in this state.”

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