Reactions to safety on campus following shooting


Kenyon Edmond

A house on 804 W. Springfield Ave. A shooting occurred at this address during the early in the morning on Jan 20.

By The Daily Illini Staff Report

Following this past weekend’s shooting at a house party in Urbana, Zhichun Ke, senior in LAS, called the University a dangerous place and hopes all of the offenders are arrested.

“We should get more security on campus,” Ke said.

There is currently one suspect in custody, and the investigation is ongoing.

Robin Kaler, associate chancellor for public affairs, said in an email the University does not control off-campus property.

“This facility — despite calling itself a fraternity — was not affiliated with the University,” Kaler said. “We conduct a great deal of safety training with our students, we certainly will continue to do that.”

Kaler confirmed that one University student was injured in the shooting.

“The Emergency dean has been assisting that student and others who were at or near the location of the shooting,” Kaler said.

Trauma response was provided by the Counseling Center and Office of the Dean of Students on Jan. 23 in response to the shooting.

Ricardo Escobar, junior in LAS, believes people need to have better control over their parties.

“I am a little worried because I live around here,”  Escobar said.

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