Stricter gun safety measures to advance in Illinois

In response to the recent mass shooting in Florida, stricter regulations on gun dealership will be advanced in the Illinois state legislature next week.

The legislation packages will be promoted by Speaker Michael J. Madigan and House Democrats. They will pose restrictions on the purchase of military-style assault rifles and use stronger measures to prevent individuals identified with mental illness to obtain guns.

“We want to bring some common sense into the industry,” said Steve Brown, press secretary for Madigan.

Madigan plans to advocate for gun dealer licensing, which will hold dealers to the same standard as real estate agencies. The enhanced measures will also prevent people under 21 years old from buying military-style assault rifles.

Brown said the nature of the gun industry is sensitive, especially considering recent events.

“(The Florida mass shooting) will have some people think a little more,” he said.

Robert Cavallaro, freshman in LAS, said he supports stricter gun control, and that there should be harsher background checks and more regulations on who can own a gun.

Aashay Patel, senior in Engineering, said he feels safe on this campus because guns are not allowed.

“There is no feasible way to get all guns out of people’s hands, but there are practical ways to limit how many people have guns,” Patel said. “It’s about culture and culture does not change quickly.”

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