ISG holds last meeting with current assembly


Jean Pabon

Members of the Illinois Student Government sit at their last meeting of the current assembly. They instituted a grade point average requirement and compensation resolution for after Spring 2019.

By Cori Lippert, Staff Writer

The Illinois Student Government held its last meeting Wednesday with the current student government assembly before the newly elected assembly takes over.

Speaker Sam LeRoy, senior in Business, and Richard Gonigam, junior in LAS, proposed a resolution that would institute a grade point average requirement for some members of ISG because the University administration is considering providing compensation for executive members. 

LeRoy said the compensation would be dispersed to members who are able to dedicate time to their positions, and would ensure accountability among members of the executive team.

These requirements would not go into effect until after the Spring 2019 elections.

The resolution also stipulated that a student on academic probation from the previous year would not be able to run for senate in the next assembly. This would mean a student who did not meet the established grade point average requirement would be unable to serve on ISG for two years. However, the senate voted to remove this line from the resolution.

The senate also voted to change the language of the resolution to require ISG members to meet the required GPA of their colleges instead of a 2.5 GPA requirement. It also decided to institute the requirement only for government members who may receive compensation for their work, meaning senators not receiving compensation would not be subject to the GPA requirement.

“The reason that these academic progress requirements exist and that academic probation exists is so colleges can focus extra on students and identify students in need that may need additional support in the college environment,” Gonigam said. “I think we wouldn’t be supporting that if we allowed students to elect people to roles that take (the time of a fulltime job).”

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