School of Art and Design to present 2018 Re-Fashioned Fashion Show

Combining sustainability and creativity, students from ARTS 299 will be presenting their fashion designs at Temple Hoyne Buell Hall on Saturday for the 12th annual “Re-Fashioned Fashion Show.”

“Re-Fashioned refers to the fact that almost every garment in the show is made from a material taken out of the waste stream,” Susan Becker, lecturer in the School of Art and Design, said in an email.

Becker said one student from the online course, FAA 220, will also have work presented. There will be 17 Students showing work, and over 30 volunteer models will be walking the show.

“The purpose is to showcase the students’ work and to bring awareness to the issue of sustainability in relation to fashion,” Becker said.

There are four different categories for these designs: Found Object Fashion, Reclaim to Wear, Nature Project and T-shirt Reinvent.

For the Reclaim to Wear category, students were to make clothes out of other donated clothes and were even inspired by some of the current social movements.

“Climate change, political division, pollution, #MeToo, and individualization as a marketing trend were some of the themes explored (for this category),” according to the category description.

For the Nature Project and T-shirt Reinvent, pairs of students were given only one week to finish their designs.

“(For T-shirt Reinvent, students) were instructed to use as inspiration opposing concepts such as order and disorder, comedy and tragedy and classic and avantgarde,” the project description said.

Students were to use recycled billboard for the Nature Project category and an un-purchased, found material for Found Object Fashion.

Each year, landfills are filled with 4 million tons of clothing and textile waste, Becker said.

“The average American throws away over 68 pounds of clothing. At least 95 percent of the clothes we throw away are recyclable,” she said.

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