Dance RSO encourages beginners to participate

By The Daily Illini Staff Report

Dancing Illini, a dance RSO at the University, had a larger-than-expected turnout for its recent free open house session.

“Students have a lot of things going on. They are studying very hard, very intensely, and this is a great way to have some fun,” said Janice Vidovic, teaching chair for the Dancing Illini.

Dancing Illini focuses on teaching social, ballroom and nightclub dances, Vidovic said. The open house session allowed students to experience social and ballroom dancing for free.

Vidovic advised first-time dancers not to be wary and said that no prior dance experience is required to participate in the sessions. 

“You can go without having any understanding of the music or the styles of dance,” Vidovic said. “You’ll be able to go to a beginning level class and be successful in a very short amount of time.”

Although no partner, fancy clothes or special shoes are necessary, Vidovic said hygiene is always appreciated.

“Taking a shower might be a good thing before you go to class,” Vidovic said. “I think your partner might appreciate that.”

Vidovic said dancing is a skill that people can carry into the future throughout their lives.

“Think about all the other sports and activities that you know,” Vidovic said. “How many of those sports can you continue with for the rest of your life? You can’t play football as you get older, but something like dancing you can literally do as long as you are physically able to walk.”

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