Handprint-shaped bloodstains found in Christensen’s apartment


Photo courtesy of University of Illinois Police Department

Photo of Brendt Christensen, alleged kidnapper and killer of visiting Chinese scholar Yingying Zhang. Recent court documents revealed Christensen visited the University Counseling Center three months before Zhang's disappearance.

By The Daily Illini Staff Report

New evidence of handprint-shaped bloodstains was found in the apartment of Brendt Christensen, alleged kidnapper and murderer of Chinese visiting scholar Yingying Zhang.

Recent investigations discovered possible presence of blood in the form of handprints on Christensen’s mattress, bathroom sink and the wall and floor of the bedroom. These new samples have yet to be tested.

On Wednesday, prosecutors said that evidence also shows Christensen took extensive lengths to clean his apartment after his alleged offense to prevent confirmatory testing. Preliminary testing, however, revealed traces of DNA and blood left behind.

Shortly after Christensen’s arrest in June 2017, prosecutors found voice recordings of Christensen describing how he kidnapped Zhang, carried her to his apartment, how she resisted Christensen and how he restrained her.

Recent updates from the prosecutors state that they have new recordings of Christensen describing how he engaged in conduct with Zhang. The descriptions on the recordings would result in Zhang bleeding in Christensen’s apartment.

Christensen’s recordings have been found to match the location and patterns of DNA and blood samples in his apartment.

In August of 2018, Christensen’s attorneys motioned a file in an attempt to exclude certain blood sample tests and a hearing about the reliability of the sample examinations.

Christensen’s attorneys have expressed that they want the recently discovered unconfirmed blood test results to be excluded from Christensen’s trial scheduled in April.

An FBI biologist will testify whether the blood handprints identifies identical and connected to Zhang’s DNA during April’s trial.

A new hearing has been scheduled on Monday, Feb. 11, to discuss the validity of the new evidence from Christensen’s apartment.

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