Suburban Express allegedly violates recent consent decree


Ben Tschetter

A Suburban Express bus departing from the Armory on Dec. 8, 2017. The business will be ceasing all operations by an estimated July 31.

After reaching a consent decree last week with the state attorney general, Suburban Express has been found in contempt of this agreement after the company reportedly resorted to harassment and failed to uphold the regulations the agreement required, according to a document published by the office of the Illinois attorney general.

Dennis Toeppen, owner of Suburban Express, has reportedly resorted back to invasive and discriminatory tendencies such as the “Page of Shame,” a website that displayed personal information such as the email addresses, phone numbers and home addresses of customers who were accused of “dishonoring payments.”

Another page was posted making fun of someone of Asian descent. The page attacked the individual’s upbringing and father’s business. The page later goes on to say the reader should Google Suey Park “for a good laugh.” The individual’s address, phone number and email address were also posted. 

As of Thursday, the page cannot be found on the Suburban Express website.

Toeppen also failed to provide a full statement of inclusion on the Suburban Express website; however, as of Thursday, the statement of inclusion is on its website.

The attorney general motioned to fine Suburban Express $10,000 on Wednesday morning for its failure to comply with the consent decree and to remove the “Page of Shame,” as well as other offensive language from the company website within 24 hours.

The Daily Illini was unable to reach Suburban Express for a comment.

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