KAM’s sells Blue Guys to-go


Shana Olivero

Students take advantage of KAM’s special Blue Guy and vodka deal on Friday.

KAM’s opened up its doors on Friday for the first time since the shelter-in-place order was put into effect. From noon to 3 p.m. only, the bar served its most popular drink, the Blue Guy, to go. 

The drink deal offered was a $20 package which included enough ingredients for 16 of the blue drinks.

Before opening at noon, the line to get in stretched almost all the way down the block. 

Face masks were not required to enter the establishment, however only one customer was allowed inside at a time. Patrons were not permitted to drink at the bar. 

“I just finished school today; I’m kind of a graduate now,” said Jacob Rajlich, senior in Engineering. “KAM’s was a big part of college that I was never expecting it to be, and to be able to get a blue guy as a celebration of graduating from this incredible university was pretty neat.”