Rauner appoints Perl to last spot of UI trustee board

By Jessica Bursztynsky , Managing editor for reporting

The last vacant position on the University’s Board of Trustees was filled Tuesday by Chicago attorney and 1987 University accountancy alumnus Sanford ‘Sandy’ Perl.

Governor Bruce Rauner appointed Perl, which closed the position that has been open since January 2017.

“Sandy Perl is a phenomenal U of I alumnus, leader in the business community in Illinois, leader in the Jewish community in Illinois, great fundraiser,” Rauner said in a statement Tuesday at Research Park in Champaign.

Perl’s appointment must be confirmed by the state Senate, and, if approved, he will serve a six-year term.

“I am excited to join my fellow board members in working together with the University’s phenomenal staff, faculty and students to help the University of Illinois fulfill its mission to enhance the lives of citizens of Illinois, across the nation and around the world, through leadership in learning, discovery, engagement and economic development,” Perl said in a statement.

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