Habitat for Humanity plans overnight event on South Quad


Photo Courtesy of Brittany Lung

The UIUC Habitat for Humanity chapter and volunteers work on the blitz build of 506 Columbia on April 12, 2017.

The University chapter of Habitat for Humanity is planning to have its first Build-A-Thon event on the South Quad on April 20.

Adya Sharma, member of Habitat for Humanity and a BAT chair, said in an email that BAT is an overnight fundraiser as well as an advocacy event.

“We hope to raise funds to build Habitat homes in Champaign as well as highlight the impact of living in unsustainable housing,” Sharma said.

Teams of five will be in charge of raising money by April 12 for the University’s student chapter and the local Champaign County Habitat for Humanity affiliate.

“The fundraising is an essential part of the event since a large chunk of the costs for building habitat homes are covered through donations,” Sharma said.

On the day of the event, students participating will come together and build a shelter for their overnight stay on the South Quad.

The more money a team raises, the more supplies and materials they receive to building, according to the campaign website.

Shacks will be critiqued by their aspects, such as appearance and structure stability.

“Most people hesitate when they think about staying overnight on the South Quad, but I believe they will go back feeling exhilarated,” Sharma said. “There’s also going to be free food, t-shirts and other activities for students, and I guarantee they will go back with a few handy building skills and a lot of new friends.”

Sharma said the main purpose of this event is to provide a new perspective on what people living in standard, temporary housing conditions have to go through on a daily basis.

“We hope people will go back with a better understanding of what Habitat for Humanity does for the local community, which is giving a hand-up rather than a hand-out,” Sharma said. “We also believe students will go back with a different perspective on the impact of living in unsustainable housing.”

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