Best places to study on campus


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Students studying in Grainger Library for finals on Dec. 6, 2016.

By Adam Kaz, Staff Writer

Finals are finally in full swing. That means many students will spend their nights cranking through papers and studying for tests. But other than dorms, apartments and houses, there’s plenty of places where students can meltdown. Here are a few of the best on campus.


Grainger is an excellent location for any student that wants to feel the finals sweat, blood and tears up close. Sit down at any one of their exquisite cubicles and study joylessly while people cough in the distance.


For those more into the lighter side of studying, stop by your friendly neighborhood Undergraduate Library. Though the lighting is far from ideal, the building has a more laid back atmosphere than any of the other libraries on campus.

Communications Library:

A fan favorite for media students, the Communications Library offers a quiet comfortable place to study. What it lacks in caffeine dispensaries, it more than makes up for in comfortable chairs and a clean atmosphere.  


A classic go-to for your high-end coffee needs, Starbucks is great for students who want to add a little class to their work. The food options are excellent and the ambiance just screams “serious student who doesn’t take himself too seriously.” Just have fun trying to find a seat.

Espresso Royale:

A popular destination for group project work, Espresso Royale creates a homey presence in the high pressure finals environment. The coffee and snacks are reasonably priced, and the chairs are plenty comfortable. There are, however, an odd amount of flies in the building.

Cafe Paradiso:

For all you hipster-types out there, there’s really only one place on campus for you to simultaneously up your indie cred and your GPA. Cafe Paradiso is a quaint, quiet shop that can accommodate for all kinds of mental cramming. Check it out if you want to feel a little zen this finals season.

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