Women’s Resources Center helps students have healthy conversations about sex


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The Women's Resource Center provides a plethora of resource information.

By The Daily Illini Staff Report

The Women’s Resources Center, in collaboration with McKinley Health Center’s Sexual Health Peers, will host its bi-weekly workshop “Sexual Health Series: Don’t Look Under Your Bed” this Tuesday.

Sarah Colome, director of the Women’s Resource Center, wrote in an email that the main focus of Tuesday’s event is about learning one’s own desires and how the communicate these desires to partners.

Because of Halloween, the title of the workshop is a play on words about the things that people may feel that they hide from their partners, but would like to explore in sexual relationships, Colome said. 

“The goal is to reduce stigma and provide attendees with strategies to have conversations with their partner(s) about intimacy and sex,” Colome said.

The workshop series focuses on different subjects at each meeting. Colome said these workshops are meant to continue conversation, reduce stigma and create a happier, healthier campus community.

“People come to the University of Illinois with varying levels of education about intimacy, sex, sexuality and relationships,” Colome added. “We believe that everyone deserves to have access that will help them make informed decisions to promote their health and happiness.”

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