Letter: Focus on Kerry’s positions

I think there should be less focus on John Kerry’s war record and more focus on John Kerry’s senatorial record, which is enough to prove him a sketchy presidential candidate. If a person holds strong, consistent views that I may disagree with, I can at least respect their opinions.

However, I have no respect for a man who has never held a steady position in his life.

John Kerry voted in favor of George W. Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” package, but he now calls it “laughable.” He voted for NAFTA and for the Patriot Act, but he now trashes both of them on the campaign trail. He voted in favor of the Iraq war, but he now says Bush misled America.

He can’t even stick to a non-political statement. Back in February, Kerry proudly described his collection of SUVs. But wait – in April, he told reporters, “I don’t own an SUV.” Now, do I care what type of car Senator Kerry drives? Of course not, but it scares me to imagine a man leading our country who cannot even tell the truth about a car collection!

John Kerry’s positions on different issues change more often then I change the sheets on my bed. So if you don’t like Kerry’s opinion on an issue today, don’t worry – it’ll change.

Jessica Burchard

sophomore in LAS