Letter: Stop the mudslinging

This letter is in response to Danielle Sharp’s letter. I have a problem with Sharp’s suggestion that U.S. citizens just sit back and blindly play follow-the-leader with our president. Has she missed all of the signs, ribbons and stickers around town – “Support our troops, bring them home now?” To suggest that a population not question the man and policies that impact their lives is to teach ignorance and profound close-mindedness.

These are not just “petty ideologies” being protested; these are humans’ lives at stake. People are dying needlessly on all sides of the issue.

Here’s another question to counter Sharp’s: How would you feel as a soldier abroad, being told to go on missions that you don’t understand the point of but cannot protest – then being told that you won’t get to come home, even though your time of service should be up? And as for soldiers being upset that U.S. citizens do not support them, many professions are not supported by large percentages of people (telemarketers, factory farmers, corporate CEOs, even religious leaders, depending on your faith, to name a few) but our country still functions and we all manage to make our living as we choose.

Anti-Bush sentiments do not imply anti-U.S. sentiments (nor do they mean pro-Kerry). They merely imply the public is questioning if what is being done is best for their country.

Even Sharp realizes that because of Bush, our current international status is not a positive one – in fact it’s terrible. But Sharp is proud of her country and is happy with that stance. I also love our country, that’s why I am concerned for its future security under the current administration.

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    The majority of us have taken our stance, and we will not be changing each others’ minds. So stop the mudslinging already.

    Lori Kae Schwab

    graduate student