Letter: Balanced views desired

It will be a wonder if this letter is not suppressed and ever makes it to print. I was reading the opinions section of the Wednesday DI and was greatly disturbed by how, of seven editorials and letters, all seven were of the left wing. And the left-right ratio is quite commonly greater than 50 percent favoring the left. There is no need for me to share my own political leanings, because that is beside the point. For a publication that so advocates our First Amendment freedom of speech, it comes off as incredibly partial. DI readers should be given equivalent shares of the student body’s opinion: 50 percent one side, 50 percent the other side. Now I know it will not be possible for every edition to be impartial as such, but for the norm not to be is a disgrace to those who have fought for that freedom that we hold so dear. Freedom of speech is about the “free exchange of ideas;” however, it seems an embargo has been placed on one of the parties. How is anyone supposed to make an educated decision if they are not fully educated on the issues? The First Amendment is meant to protect the minority. Yet clearly in this lastest edition the majority completely obscured the minority.

Matt Strom

sophomore in engineering