Letter: Green misleads students

I am surprised a man with such education as David Green could be so ignorant as to have written and signed the letter he submitted yesterday. Not only is it libel against several students on this campus, but also misleads other students on this campus who are not as involved in this conflict, which actually is his greatest fault.

The ‘scholar’ he chooses to refer to in his argument is hardly a scholar. I have heard Mr. Finkelstein speak and was insulted that a man would come give a lecture to a group of University students and employees with such little preparation. He was unable to give us citations or sources for any quotes, numbers or facts he used. His excuse for his lack of preparation or inability to cite his work was that it was irrelevant. His entire argument, therefore, became irrelevant. Had I tried to write a paper or give that speech in any of my classes, I would have undoubtedly failed. I think there is a serious need for education on the issue of Israel as well as anti-Semitism. Mr. Green has chosen to ignore this need as it does not fulfill his agenda while the group he wrongly terms as ‘racist’ has been focusing on it.

He has attended one or two events in several years of existence and made a very poor conclusion. It is too bad he has not taken the opportunity to see that they are the only group on campus that focuses on education of both themselves and all students on campus.

Tamar Binyamin

senior in LAS