Letter: Dissecting Sharp’s critics

Tuesday’s plethora of letters aimed at Danielle Sharp also need to be dissected. Our friends from the left had something right for once: Citizens should never blindly and mindlessly follow the government and its leaders, but I’m not letting them off the hook just yet. Lori Kae Schwab wrote of the people dying needlessly on “all sides.” What about the people dying needlessly on all sides “before” the wars, though? Afghans under the Taliban; countless Iraqis under disposed dictator Saddam Hussein; and let’s not forget that infamous day we will remember in the weeks to come. Was there a “need” for the Taliban to kill and oppress people? Was there a “need” for Saddam to lavish himself while terrorizing his people? Was there a (legitimate) need for al-Qaida to hijack four planes and kill so many innocent people?

Are U.S. troops dying overseas in the war on terrorism? Yes, daily, and it is tragic. But I challenge you to tell me its in vain or without “need.” If the Afghan people were better off under the Taliban just let me know. If Saddam should be back in power terrorizing, filling mass graves and not allowing freedom (which you all wrote you love), just let me know. And if you don’t mind innocent, U.S. civilians being killed or murdered, then certainly let me know.

Ms. Schwab writes that anti-Bush sentiments imply questioning what is best for the country. That is a fine thing to do, although we can debate such. But more importantly, is it right to simply worry about ourselves and no others?

Morgan Polikoff wrote he loves a country where everyone has a chance to succeed. I bet Iraqis and Afghans would (will) love that country too! Should things only be fair and equal for us? You all want equality for us and constantly talk it up, but what about others? Let’s not be selfish, why can’t others have the freedoms you all enjoy and agree are what make us great?

Jason Baker

junior in LAS