Letter: Credible sources

On September 11, 2002, Arab protesters at Concordia University brought several blocks of Montreal to a stop. Israeli representative and former Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu came to speak to the campus, only to find a racist mob throwing chairs, breaking windows, beating up a Holocaust survivor and chanting “Kill the Jews.” According to David Green’s logic (09/02/04), this was not a hate crime, but a Zionist fabrication – possibly filmed in Hollywood, possibly a giant hologram. It is quite upsetting to see a man, who has had the opportunities to receive quite a fine education, to be completely incapable of professional research. In 2002, there were more than 1,500 reported hate crimes against Jews, including more than 1,000 acts of harassment and more than 500 acts of vandalism.

I am shocked Green would have the nerve and paranoia to claim the swastikas painted in Jewish cemeteries, or synagogues that were burned in France were performed by “Zionist polemicists.”

Such blatantly ignorant accusations denying the existence of anti-Semitic hate crimes makes one wonder where such a person gets his sources. Green’s primary source in his letter was that of Norman Finkelstein, who also has claimed the Holocaust was an “exaggeration.”

It is easy to find sources to back any argument, but it takes some effort to actually check for credibility. I recall reading an al-Jazeera article, once, which claimed Pokemon is part of a Zionist conspiracy to corrupt Muslim children, more specifically, that “Pokemon” is Japanese for “I am Jewish.”

Mr. Green, if you consider such sources credible, I advise you stay away from Teletubbies; you do not want to know what us Zionists can do with that television program.

Jeremy Glassenberg

junior in engineering