Letter: Think before you react

First, let it be known that I consider myself a liberal. There are plenty of grounds for political debate with the current administration. Right now, my criticism is for liberals.

Liberal reactions to conservative actions need much more forethought. Frankly, some of your “protests” are ridiculous. I have tried to attend two speeches at Foellinger Auditorium so far. One time, Jello Biafra was supposed to speak. I walked around the auditorium until it was apparent he wasn’t coming. The other time was a success; I saw Daniel Pipes. I had to pass a metal detector test on entry. Right after the first time he denounced Palestinians, a group of people in the front row very publicly stood up, marched to the back, shouted something and left. He kept speaking with nary a blink. Later, during the question and answer session, someone tried to shove words into his mouth and imply he favored Palestinian genocide.

This is not protest; this is theatrics. They have no place in winning the hearts and minds of rational people. “Crazy” liberals are smelly hippies that shout at things. At worst, they sabotage the RNC.

“Crazy” conservatives wear suits and go to church a lot. At worst, they blow up abortion clinics. Still, the average “crazy” conservative commands far more respect.

Liberals cannot keep acting like children when something upsets them. You’re only alienating the “square” community, also known as “the voting population.” When you march around with your signs chanting about Bush and Iraq and oil, most people probably hold you in the same regard as Alan Keyes.

You can either take the moral high road, or you can throw tantrums.

You cannot have it both ways.

Andrew Bartkus

junior in LAS