Letter: Quotes out of context

I was appalled at the Thursday column of your opinions columnist, Elie Dvorin. He attempts to hide his political and ethnocentric views, but they stand out. Muslims everywhere have condemned terrorist attacks. Whether religious scholars or ordinary citizens, one can find their views in news venues across the world, including in the United States. To take a couple of opinions and stories and use them to make a condemnation on a world religion of more than one billion adherents is egregious and ignorant.

Muslims also have been victims of terrorism, and from hate crimes encouraged by articles just like this. Rather than hide behind his “facts” Dvorin would be more honest if he just exposed his bigoted agenda. There are thousands of extremist groups operating in the world. They are Hindus, Jews, Christians, Muslims and others who hide behind religious and political identities to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting, yet they are closer to each other than their co-religionists. Dvorin would be better off studying the attractions of radical fundamentalism and chauvinism. Perhaps he would see himself in the description.

Aisha Lamb Sobh

Graduate student