Letter: Think for yourself

In response to “President Bush has failed:”Was Homeland Security in existence before Bush came into office? No. The fact that his administration is the one that started it means they actually improved the quality of security. Regardless of how much funding goes into it, it is still an improvement in security. At one point, you stated: “What has the war achieved?” Oh … not too much, you know … it only overthrew the most tyrannical leader of our era. Great job on overlooking that and then going on to twist data to make Bush look evil. You Kerry supporters are all alike!

For everyone who has let themselves be influenced by anti-Bush propaganda such as Fahrenheit 9/11, why don’t you try to form your own ideas for yourselves rather than let others cram theirs down your throats? Michael Moore, by the way, has stated in overseas interviews that he considers U.S. citizens in general to be stupid to the point of embarrassment. The guy is obviously after your wallet. You don’t have to make a movie and sell a book to get your ideas across in this country, but it is by far the most profitable way. College students such as ourselves are great targets for that crap, because most of us can’t form our own ideas and just go with the masses. It is both funny and sad to watch fellow students act like a herd of sheep.

Some of you think Bush’s “Oil War” is evil and should be stopped. If you truly think this war is all about oil and you are opposed to it, then shut up about gas prices and think for yourself for once.

Tom Olson

sophomore in business

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