Letter: Living King’s dream

(U-WIRE) MANHATTAN, Kan. – While students sit back and enjoy their holiday Monday, they should take time to remember the man the day is named after. Martin Luther King Jr. was a civil rights leader who made an impact on history. His work to promote equality was courageous and heroic in a time of turmoil.

He will forever be remembered as a leader because he triumphed and overcame obstacles during a time when the idea of equality was not always popular.

Today, Americans can see that equality is the only way because “all men are created equal.”

It is essential that each person realizes that Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a day not only for relaxation, but also for recognition and realization.

Americans should recognize how close society has come to achieving King’s dream as he described in “I Have a Dream.”

However, Americans should also realize how far we have yet to go.

Prejudices still exist in the hearts of some Americans. They sometimes fail to see that someone different from themselves deserves the same rights and the same protections.

In a world where no two people are alike, it is important that Americans celebrate each other’s differences.

Let it be every American’s duty to take time out on Monday to strive for ways to achieve King’s dream.

Staff Editorial

Kansas State Collegian (Kansas State U.)