Letter: Dean as DNC Chair

Although I am flattered by all the free advice Republicans like Chuck Prochaska have been doling out for the Democratic Party lately, I respectfully have to inform Chuck that he has no idea what he’s talking about. In his acceptance speech, Gov. Dean did not “insist[s] on leaving the swing states – even forgetting solid blue states,” but rather made the odd political suggestion that winning in the future involves “working together and competing in all 50 states.”

In fact, Dean went on to further challenge conventional Washington wisdom by suggesting that the path toward a national Democratic renaissance does not lie in Karl Rove-like political machinations, but by the active participation of ordinary Americans in local politics.

Gov. Dean’s movement is not just about winning back the White House, but about taking back our school boards, our county council seats and even the lowly PTA boards. Put simply, Dean believes that democracy starts at the local level, no matter what color state you live in.

As for all that talk of Dean screaming and representing only “Vermont elites and Green Day-singing twenty-somethings,” all I can say is look at what Pat Buchanan – hardly a left winger – has to say about him: “I think he’d be an outstanding leader because he is a conservative fiscally. He’s passionate on the war. He’s got a tremendous following, John [McGlauchlin]. I think he’s the best guy out there.” If fiscal responsibility, states’ rights, less government and a foreign policy based on a Reagan-like practicality as opposed to Wilsonian idealism are now demonized as radically left-wing, then I greatly fear where our country may be headed.

Jason Hansen

President, Champaign Chapter Democracy for America