Other Campus: Independence Day

By Daily Mississippian

(U-WIRE) OXFORD, Miss. – Sparklers, barbecue and Uncle Sam.

Oh, and a little freedom and liberty.

Independence Day means a lot of things to a lot of people.

To some, it means a holiday. A day off work, time to spend with family and friends, swimming, cookouts and fireworks.

But to others – especially with those who have lost family members in wars or who have family in combat now – it means much more than that. It stands for liberty, freedom and pride in our country.

Everyone, no matter their political party or ideologies, should celebrate our country together.

Much time is spent by both Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, bashing the other party or other group of people. It seems as if we spend more time cutting each other down rather than working together to make this country the best it can be.

While liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans may never get along, they should oftentimes put differences aside and celebrate our country.

Those of certain parties and ideologies should spend less time criticizing the other, and spend more time working on ways to compromise on differing opinions.

Celebrating our nation and its history should be year-long.

We should not take just one day out of each year to remember the millions of Americans who have made our lives better and this country what it is today.

Independence is something we celebrate, in many different ways, every day. Therefore, we should remember those who have fought for our independence every day.

Though Independence Day is over, it’s not too late to celebrate our country.

It should be done every day, and it should be done by everyone – not just Republicans, Democrats, liberals or conservatives.

This country and its ideals should be remembered everyday, because America is every day.

Staff Editorial

Daily Mississippian (U. Mississippi)